感恩成长·I Am Thankful

播出平台: 河北卫视

播出时间: 每周二、周三22:00

播出时长 :  45分钟

主持人: 郭子雪、李耀阳





“I am thankful” is a large public-welfare TV program. It is a dialogue between celebrities and students who took this year's university admission exam, discussing their stories about youth, dreams, and gratefulness. According to different themes, each episode invites a celebrity who plays a role in the show as a senior bother or sister, such as Kung fu star Yue Wu, famous TV host Hao Dong, dancer Yang Yang, singing group Shui Mu Nian Hua, actress Lan Ke and etc.They talk with the excellent students about the university admission exam and their life experiences. Sharing the stories of youth and lessons in life, the show delivers a positive energy of gratefulness in the process of growth.