青春上海·Shanghai Youth

播出平台: 上海艺术人文频道

播出时间:  国庆7:30

播出时长 : 40分钟

主持人: 蒋昌建





Shanghai Youth is a TV show which is committed to share positive energy with 23 million citizens in Shanghai. In 7 episodes, this dream-filling program invites 7 elites from diverse fields who give inspirational lectures depending on their own life stories. In the studio, a big young audience gather together to figure out the connection be- tween the city and the youths.That connection refers to how the youths are nurtured by the city and how they repay the city. This show also reflects Shanghai’s metropolitan soul as well as its character. It resonates with thousands of talents in Shanghai, and converges into the power of youth. Staying young upon growing up!