中国范儿·China Style

播出平台: 湖北卫视

播出时间: 每周三 22:00

播出时长 : 50分钟

主持人: 赵屹鸥





“China Style” is an celebrity talk show, which gathering notable who has the eminent influence from a wide range of fields. They are with its distinctive creation personality of its own, full of the spirit of the times that is the embodiment of a great country, China.“China Style” tends to dig the most contemporary distinctive characters,and find the Chinese power via seeking roots of humanistic concern and the sharing of the most popular topics lately.The show guests cover a wild range of “Chinese idols”, which are outstanding in different areas like arts, business and sports. The guests include international supermodel Yan Lv, dancer Liping Yang, film producer Jizhong Zhang, the Olympic champion Wei Yang and etc.