壹零后来了·Kids rock

播出平台: 上海教育电视台

播出时间: 每周一、周二晚19:35

播出时长 : 25分钟

主持人: 孙国庆





“Kids rock” is a talk show about the post-10s generation, co-produced by Shanghai Education TV and Vivid Media, hosted by Sun Guoqing. Each episode invites six 3-6 years old kids, who have very different characters, to share their life details. The show creates a free space to talk and reveals the kids’ world. Meanwhile, the production team conducts interviews with kids’ parents in advance and observes them in a secondary scene in real-time. With the popular means of reality show, the show represents the different perspectives of children and their parents under the same topic. It helps the audience to get a deeper understanding about the post-10s generation while watching in easy mood, and take more objective observation of contemporary parenting. “Kids rock” arouses the reflection on education.