你正常吗3·Are You Normal3

播出平台: 腾讯视频

播出时间: 周一20:00

播出时长 : 50分钟

主持人: 何炅,刘宪华








“Are You Normal”, co-produced by Tecent Video and Visionary Media, is an large investigation reality show in China. There’s no judge, no professor in the show. There’s only what ordinary people think. In season 3, in spite of ordinary quiz, there’s also a group imaginative people who ask questions before stars answering the quiz, and serves as professional post 95 consultants. They might help stars to answer the quiz, or mislead the topic. In season 3, these young people show audiences the world and mind of post 95, and even post 00.


The clicking rate of S3 was more than 800 million, and 863 thousand comments. Weibo topic was read more than 1.65 billion times, and discussed 29 million times. Related topics were also widely discussed. Topics #Do you remember the taste?# #Be crazy at the first second# were read 92.3 million. Followers of the official Weibo has increased 400 thousand, which was 216%, since it was first released.