我是先生2·Awesome educator2

播出平台: 山东卫视

播出时间: 周五21:20

播出时长 : 60分钟

主持人: 寇乃馨




《我是先生》第二季是由山东卫视和唯众传媒联合打造的中国优秀传统文化传扬节目,节目汇聚当下全国最有人气的名师,展示当代师者风范,彰显师者魅力。“先生”在现场数百位听课学生以及全国电视观众面前,讲述自己教育理念和教学智慧的一堂课。课程结束后,接受现场“好学班”的检验,证明自己不仅是老师,更是其中的卓越者——先生。《我是先生》通过一季十二期节目,发挥传播的力量,让中国找回优秀传统文化的断层,让国人找回遗失的精神信仰。秉承此理念,提出“有先生 中国强”的口号,旨在发起一场优秀传统文化的复兴之旅!


“Awesome Educator” Season 2, co-produced by Shangdong TV and Visionary Media, is a culture program focusing on Chinese excellent traditional culture. In the program, famous young teachers in China gather to show the great attraction of educators. “Educator” will talk about their educational idea and teach a life lesson in front of hundreds of students and spectators. After the class, he will be examined by the students to prove that he is not only a teacher, but also an excellent educator. Through 12 episodes, “Awesome Educator” aims to re-discover the outstanding traditional Chinese culture and the belief of Chinese people with the help of media. To make the idea come true, the program presents the slogan “Awesome teacher makes powerful China”, and wants to revive traditional Chinese culture.