我为创业狂·Call Me Boss

播出平台: 东方卫视

播出时间: 周一至周五23:00

播出时长 : 50分钟

主持人: 袁鸣






Call Me Boss”, co-produced by Dragon TV and Visionary Media, is a reality show focuses on young man who want to start their own business. In each episode, 6 persons will compete for millions bonus for their business. In 4 weeks, the program gives young business founders ¥20,000,000 as funds for their new company. The program contains three parts: elevator time, deep investigation, and final decision. First round “elevator time” is only 60 seconds, and the judges will eliminate 3 competitors after the very minute. In the second round, judges will observe and enquire the competitors until there’s only one person left. Yan Yan, Nanpeng Shen, Suyang Zhang, Hong Chen, Feng Yu, Jun Tang, Yonggang Zheng, Ying Ye, Lan Zhang and other famous investors and entrepreneurs are invited as judges, and enquire the young founders. The program successfully makes a one-month “Young CEO Season in 2009”.